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The British Virgin Islands are a group of 52 islands, mostly of volcanic origin, located 18.4 degrees above the equator. The islands were originally inhabited by the Arawak Indians.  The Arawaks were reputed to have been a peaceful, fun-loving lot, which may explain why they were eventually conquered by the warring Carib nation, though it is not clear what became of the Caribs.


Today the BVI still hold a wealth of unburied treasure from sunlit beaches to kaleidoscope coloured reefs.  An idyllic location for sailing SCUBA diving, fishing, surfing, mountain biking, visiting national parks or simply relaxing on the beach, all of which can be arranged for you by the Club. And while you are visiting, take a look in nearby Trellis Bay, home of Boardsailing BVI and the Trellis Bay Cyber Cafe, for a windsurfing lesson and lunch at the cafe.

Columbus sailed these waters in 1493 and was allegedly awed by the purity and proliferation of the islands hence naming them after Ste Ursula and her 11,000  martyred virgins. To this day Ste Ursula remains the patron saint of the BVI, now not only a paradise vacation destination but a major financial services center and domicile for thousands of offshore companies.

During the high season of buccaneering the BVI was a virtual pirate\'s playground, said to have been the setting for Robert Louis Stevenson\'s Treasure Island.  Also frequented by the likes of Black Sam Bellamy, Jost Van Dyke and Gustav Wilmerding, rumour has it that the land still holds buried treasure left undiscovered due to lack of maps where X marks the spot.

One of the least exploited island groups of the Caribbean, the BVI are only accessed by flights from other Caribbean islands most notably: Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St Martin and Antigua, all of which are easily reached by direct flight from many North American and European cities.

The Tamarind Club is OPEN 7 days a week

Happy Hour daily 4pm - 6pm

Bar snacks Mon to Sun 4pm - 10pm

Dinner Mon to Sun 6pm - 10pm

Fridays - Happy hour from 4pm followed by Trivia Quiz from 7.30pm. The winning team wins free Sunday Brunch for 4 people. No cheating!

Saturdays - Open for lunch and dinner. Come and relax by the pool.

Sundays - Brunch served from 11:00am-3:30pm. Fun served until much later.

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